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Dedicated to Henry Beston's literary classic and the
spirit of life on the Great Outer Beach of Cape Cod

Earlier this year, OWS publisher Don Wilding, who also authored On its Solitary Dune for Eastham's 350th Anniversary, was fortunate enough to take part in a few events for the celebration. Wilding delivered two lectures at Chapel in the Pines in Eastham in July and August, and also took part in a book signing of Eastham 350th Anniversary authors at Snow's in Orleans. Below are a few photos from those events.

The second lecture on Aug. 26 was videotaped by Jon March of The Power Station in Connecticut. We're thinking of having a video of the lecture available for sale, if there's enough interest. E-mail us if this sounds good to you.


Book signing (with Eastham Town Miller Jim Owens) at Snow's

Lecture at Chapel in the Pines (1)

Lecture at Chapel in the Pines (2)

Lecture at Chapel in the Pines (3)

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