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Dedicated to Henry Beston's literary classic and the
spirit of life on the Great Outer Beach of Cape Cod



Henry Beston in 1918



Henry's favorite corner of the House

Henry leaves the House for the last time

Cape Cod newspaper dedication ad to
Beston prior to the dedication of the Outermost
House as a National Literary Landmark in 1964.


Christmas card sent from Henry
and Elizabeth Beston to the
Overlook Inn, 1934.


Henry Beston with Mrs. Endicott Peabody, 1964.

The wreck of the Montclair

Coast Guard station
in Beston's day

Other images

Beston letter from 1950 describing Thoreau's "Cape Cod"

The plaque honoring Beston and the House, declaring it a literary landmark

Outermost Home